Lesson Program



"Horses teach you a lot.

Very little of it actually has to do with horses."

-Anthony Lothian

The NHEC Mindful and Relational Horsemanship paradigm honors the essence and well being of both horse and human.   Whether you are just starting out with horses or have a lifetime of experience with them, we welcome you and will meet you at whatever stage of your journey.   We are dedicated to preserving the peaceful energy of our environment, and sharing the horse as a teacher for self discovery, through relational horsemanship beliefs.  

Once the foundation work is laid and the path of communication is clear and strong, you and your equine friend will be coached through principles of mindful horsemanship.  Established students will be welcome to participate in the many activities NHEC has to offer: Trail rides, flag work(CowTrak), obstacles, and opportunities to compete at local shows and events. 

With the help of some extraordinary schoolmasters, NHEC's Adult Lesson Program is both comprehensive and transformational.   Each NHEC Lesson Horse was raised through the NHEC breeding program, educated through the NHEC training program, and have distinct and amazing personalities to share.  Much like match-making, pairing you with your NHEC Lesson Horse counterpart if thoughtfully executed to facilitate the needs of both individuals, helping set NHEC apart from a majority of lesson programs.  

Additional Information:

All lessons are private and one hour in length unless otherwise agreed upon beforehand. 

To participate with an NHEC lesson horse, students must be:

  • 18 yr and up, and weighing under 200 lbs. 

Please arrive to your first lesson with long pants, and appropriate footwear such as leather or rubber boots.   Leather is strongly recommend.

Private lesson

Haul in your own horse

Single session $60
​4 pack $200

Virtual Lesson

40 min video, 20 min phone call

or written report

Single session $60

​4 pack $200

NHEC lesson program

NHEC Horse provided

Single session $80

​4 pack $280

Limited Lease Program*

1 Private lesson & 1 self-guided

ride a week,/month

Package price $500*

*qualified students