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Client Reviews

"Magic is really only the utilization of the entire

spectrum of sense" -Michael Scott, The Alchemyst


Aislinn Carswell

Lesson student


Before coming to NHEC I had hit a huge rut with my horse and was struggling to connect with him. Sabrina worked us out of our rut and gave me a whole new perspective! I’m having better rides with my horse than ever and I cannot thank Sabrina enough. I feel so blessed to have found this program!

Eugenie Jun

Lesson student


Such a fan of NHEC & Sabrina. She is such a wonderful teacher and you can tell she loves what she does. I’ve had issues with riding instructors being super pretentious & getting caught up in the business end of things.
But you can tell not only how much Sabrina adores her horses, but what a kind & good person Sabrina is.

Sophie Mugrew

Lesson Student


Sabrina s knowledgeable, kind, and extremely dedicated to her horses and students. I appreciate her commitment to building the horse/rider relationship, and have loved learning to understand and work with the horse I’m riding. Each horse is well cared for and respected as an individual rather than just a set of legs to put through drills. I always leave the barn feeling happier and more fulfilled than when I arrived. I could not ask for a better experience.

Andrea Martin

NHEC Horse owner

Training client & Lesson student


When I started working with Sabrina she not only took me under her wing as a student but also as a friend. The reining fundamentals that Sabrina uses to train turned my stubborn mare into a beautiful, collected mover with great flexibility. Sabrina also worked with me and increased my horsemanship and knowledge of training ten-fold. For anyone who is close and has the chance to work with her and her amazing horses…GO FOR IT! It’s the chance of a lifetime and the time you spend at her barn will be invaluable.

Kiera Yoshino

Lesson student


I've been taking lessons from Sabrina since 2014 and have learned so much from her! She is an excellent instructor; always patient but keeps me challenged. Her lesson horses are absolutely amazing - they all have great personalities and are well-trained! I highly recommend Sunnyluck Performance Horses to anyone wanting to learn or brush up on their horsemanship.I am beyond blessed to be able to train with an amazing group of people and to train under such an awesome instructor.

Stephanie Leyba & Sole'

Training client 


I brought my green broke APHA mare to Sabrina for finishing and couldn't have been more pleased. The way Sabrina is able to teach and communicate with the horses is second to none. Within a mere 3 days there were already positive changes. I am a competitive show rider and in our very first western dressage show we placed 1st out of 7 riders. That was only 3 weeks after arriving at Sabrina's. My mare is so happy and loves to work thanks to Sabrina's wonderful training. 

Madison Gillet & Leo

Training client & Lesson student


I started taking lessons with Sabrina in 2014 on one of her horses.  Sabrina's coaching helped me get enough confidence to ride bareback, compete in shows, and I even won my first blue ribbons with one of her horses. When it came time for my own horse, she helped me find Leo, and train with him so that we trusted each other. Leo went from spooking at birds to being able to trot along next to me while I rode a bike because of the amazing start in training we got while with Sabrina.

April Hardeman & King

Training client & Lesson student


Sabrina is a great horsewoman! She is very knowledgeable and has tons of experience. I sent my horse to her for three months for foundation training and to get some really good buttons on him. She did so well with him that he won his first western dressage test at a schooling show. I would have definitely been at her barn tons more if I had been closer. Don’t hesitate to work with her. I promise you won’t regret it.

Natalie Rowe & Robyn

Training client & Lesson student


While riding with Sabrina my riding, confidence, and general understanding of training improved exponentially! I'm grateful for all the skills I learned and the opportunity to ride so many fantastic horses. Sabrina's horses are great, and they set a high bar for future horses! The horses she trains are quiet, soft, and have great minds. I wish she wasn't states away!

Kim Stout-Brown

Owns a Tejon Please baby


I own a baby by Sabrina's stud horse Tejon Please and I am really impressed by his great conformation and athletic ability. In addition to having great conformation, he has an attitude and a presence about him when he goes to work. Not all stallions produce that "wow" factor in their babies, but Tejon Please certainly seems to stamp his foals with great bone, awesome angles, athletic ability, drive, and a healthy dose of pretty.

Hannah Gramman

Lesson student


Sabrina is an amazing trainer who not only helps you understand how to get a certain result, but also helps you understand why you get the result. This method is extremely beneficial for me because explaining things this way makes so much more sense to me and I don’t have to ask her to explain it another way. For the 5 years that I have been riding with Sabrina, my confidence and abilities as a rider and horse woman have continued to grow.

Casey Litz

Parent of lesson student


My daughter was a timid rider, with a healthy dose of fear when riding. She had broken clavical, twice! We turned to Sabrina Duncan for lessons, but it was so much more!
Sabrina was instrumental in helping my daughter gain confidence. She taught my daughter how to communicate in a way that her horse understands, and the paternship she helped cultivate is still going strong years later.
Sabrina is a wonderful, light handed rider. She is a great equine mentor!


Alex Kiema & Captain

Lesson student

Sabrina is the best!  She helped me evaluate Captain before purchasing him, and I couldn't be happier.  Sabrina's training style helps build trust and confidence between horse and rider.  Her experience in conditioning a variety of horses has given her in depth knowledge of biomechanics, leading to better performance!


Kristine Brown & Moxy

Training client

I had my young mare in training with Sabrina and she learned so much from her in the short 30 days she was there and i am so happy with the way she has turned out, she really taught her to use her body and mind and do this while moving forward.I also really liked that she knew my horses bloodlines and the way that line learned so it wasn't a battle to teach her things. I highly recommend .... to anyone who wants to learn and work with someone so knowledgeable and understanding.


Karen Heap

Training client & Lesson student

Sabrina is an educated and experienced trainer. She can help a beginner learn confidence with her talented horses or connection with your horse. She can also work with experienced riders to enhance or develop new skills. I am a former A system pleasure rider and trained with Sabrina for 3 years learning reining on her awesome mare Godiva. My only regret is that I moved to the midwest or me and my horse would still be with her. SHE'S GOOD!


Amber Boissoneau

Lesson student

... a great barn to be involved with. Ive been riding with Sabrina since 2014 and she has given me so many opportunities and has taught me so many things. Every lesson I feel accomplished and learn something new. She gives you the chance to love her horses as if they were your own. Want to show? She will help you get ready for the show ring. Come and have some fun with all of us...

Cassandra Hammer

Training client & Lesson student

Sabrina was an incredible trainer and friend when she was in Colorado with us. We miss her tremendously here. She was an incredible teacher with horses and people. Her knowledge and experience that she taught me gave me the confidence I needed to ride these large animals. She truly knows horses and loves them and the people as well. I'm so glad she continues to grow her business.


Em Laverty

Training client & Lesson student

I had just been given an older ex college rodeo horse, and was looking for someone to both help me rehabilitate her and help me with my western riding lessons.  To say that I am pleased is an understatement. Sabrina Duncan is an outstanding trainer.  I am pleased and so am my horses!


Britt Kemper

NHEC horse owner & Lesson student

I've been an owner of a homegrown Sunnyluck  horse for about 10 years now, and I must say this horse is as great as the day I bought her! Once Sabrina teaches a horse something it sticks! I wouldnt trade my Sunnyluck horse for anything. She is a kind and sweet mare I can trust anyone with. Originally I took lessons with Sabrina, I was a nervous rider, she handled the situation with kindness getting me back and comfortable in the saddle in no time.



Hannah McKenzie

NHEC horse owner & Lesson student

Sabrina is amazing! I really look up to her as a trainer and mentor. I've worked with some trainers who lose their patience easily, or don't explain things well, but Sabrina makes everything so easy to understand, and is so encouraging. She really makes sure she understands your level of riding before asking you to do something you're not capable of. You can tell she has a ton of knowledge under her belt, and she truly loves what she does. Sabrina is a very genuine and honest person and I recommend her 1000%


Denise Weber & Secret

Training client & Lesson student

Sabrina not only helped me solidify my love for reining horses, but she also helped me immensely with my three year old mare. She is an excellent teacher and it is quickly apparent how extensive her equine knowledge is. I wish Sabrina didn't have to leave Colorado, but I understand why she did. If you have a chance to work with Sabrina I highly recommend it.


Alex Schoen

Three Peak Performance Horses

Clinic & Lesson student

Sabrina Duncan has been such a wonderful part of my life and will continue to impact my personal training program [at Three Peak Ranch Performance Horses].  She does not discriminate between breeds or looks, she see's the talent in each and every horse that comes onto her property. ... She taught me the importance of elevated and balanced shoulders... I apply this into my program and get such amazing results. Thanks, Sabrina!


Pam Turner & Ameris

Training client & Lesson student

Sabrina Duncan does a wonderful job of helping rider improver the partnership with the horse. Her philosophy of horsemanship allows the horse to find the right answer creating responsiveness, not reactiveness. With me own horse she has helped me with clear communication and resistance free training, My beautiful mare has blossomed and and my confidence builds with every session. I can not thank you enough Sabrina for all that you are teaching me.


Kristin Normandie Stites

NHEC horse owner & Clinic student

I can't say enough great things about Sabrina Duncan!! I bought an amazing 14 year old gelding (Classic Hollywood Sox) from her for my daughter. He has every "button" you could want, is versatile, safe, and respectful. ...I drove from Colorado Springs to Ft Collins (3 hours) to begin reining lessons with her. I have worked with multiple trainers over the years but Sabrina is by far the best; she is patient and encouraging and I will greatly miss training with her now that she has moved to WA.

Stephen Taylor

Parent of lesson student


Amazing, caring trainer.
Not just a horse whisperer, Sabrina is a rider whisper as well, and is capable of getting the best out of both.

Katie Wall & Axel

Training client & Lesson student


I've been taking lessons and just put my gelding in training with Sabrina. She's had him for 2 weeks now and I could not be happier with his progress! She's taking great care of my boy and he's making huge strides not only with her but with me as well. a fun, supportive environment and I am so glad I found you guys! Thanks so much for everything! 

Karen Gust

Parent of lesson student


We fell in love with Sabrina. She is kind and encouraging, she knows how to take care of her horses. Now my daughter knows how to clean stalls, paint posts, water horses, bathe horses, braid manes and tails, and the list goes on. We adore Sabrina and dare and coconut and puzzles and the three foals and...


Kaylee Hurni & Anne

NHEC horse owner & Clinic student

Sabrina Duncan is one of the best trainers. In my time with her when she worked in Fort Collins she brought my relationship with my mare to the next level as well as did a phenomenal job with her while she was in training... Sabrina is the kindest most caring trainer and knows whats she is doing. She is a skilled trainer that gets results!


Willow King

Intern & Lesson student

I worked with Sabrina and I learned more in those two years than I have ever learned anywhere else. She not only gave me confidence with young and green horses, but she also improved my skill as a rider and got me completely hooked on reining. I'm proud to call Sabrina my teacher and my friend, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an honest, talented, and caring trainer.


Bridget Linn

Clinic student

The atmosphere ... is nothing I have ever been around. The smiles, the good morning are you ready to ride. Its like family! Its amazing. Very positive place. I'm very greatful for Sabrina ... she's a beautiful, wonderful person. She has heIped me through so much. All the horses there are very well mannered, happy horses

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