Training Program

"Rather then being your thoughts and emotions,

be the awareness behind them" -Ekhart Tolle


A successful human-horse partnership is shaped with awareness, openness, and communication.   Once you enter an horse-human relationship that resonates with your horse's emotional and physical capacity,  your perspective changes.  No matter what your long terms goals, both you and your horse will benefit from clarity and peace between you.


 With a training paradigm developed through mindful horsemanship, NHEC's heart based results encompass a deeper connection where your horse feels embraced and supported in his education journey.    Please schedule an appointment to discuss our training program or your  training needs.  Horses are accepted on a case by case basis; owner involvement is strongly encouraged to ensure the partnership continues to flourish once your horse goes back home. 

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  • Full Training & Board

    • $1000/Month

      • 2 month minimum contract

      • 5 work sessions a week​

      • 4th/5th session: optional lessons

      • Extras*


 All Boarding is FULL CARE:

  •  Private 12x12 box stall

  • Premium  alfalfa and orchard hay

  • Complimentary Trailer Parking

  • Tack Room Use


  • Hold for farrier or vet $20 per 1/2 hour

  • Hauling - TBD