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Training Program

"Rather then being your thoughts and emotions,

be the awareness behind them" -Ekhart Tolle


With a training paradigm developed through mindful horsemanship, NHEC's relational training cultivates a deeper connection where your horse feels embraced and supported in his friendship with people.  This program is not just about developing the horse's education under saddle, but about shaping their ability to engage and feel understood by their human counterparts.   To ensure each horse is given opportunity to become attune with NHEC's trainer, spots are limited to a maximum of 3 training horses per month. 

A successful human-horse partnership is shaped with awareness, openness, and communication.   As an owner and your horse's best friend, you are urged to participate in the training process to develop alongside your horse.  Once you enter an horse-human relationship that resonates with your horse's emotional and physical capacity,  your perspective changes.  No matter what your long terms goals, both you and your horse will benefit from clarity and peace between you.

Boarding Options
         🤍Stall board @ $650/month
         🤍Paddock/shed @ $500/month (may-august only)
                  Boarding is only available to horses that are enrolled in a training program


Training Options
         🤍Full Training @ $650/month (incl. 5 lessons/training sessions per week)
         🤍Half Training @ $450/month (incl. 3 lessons/training sessions per week)
                  Must be evaluated under saddle prior to enrollment 
         🤍 Starting/Re-starting @ $800/month (must commit to 3 months minimum)

         🤍Lesson Enrollment @$400/month (incl.2 lessons/week)


Training-Candidate Evaluation
         🤍Single-training session $100/90 minutes  Haul in. 
                 This session is for the owner, horse and Trainer to establish a connection

                 We will discuss horse's personality, owner's goals, and how to proceed


All Boarding is FULL CARE:

  • Premium  alfalfa and orchard hay

  • Will feed grain & supplements provided by owner

  • Complimentary Trailer Parking

  • Tack Room Use

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