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TheMindful Cowgirl   

Strengthen your partnership

by connecting with your horse through mindfulness & understanding

Sabrina Duncan, trainer and coach at SPH, will listen to your needs as a horseman and
help you design a paradigm to achieve a better relationship with your horse. 

Communication* Awareness *Respect *Quiet Confidence* Personal Leadership *Integrity
​*Equine Behavior *Energy/Emotion *Trust *Training Guidance *Goal setting


 I am an advocate for ​my horses' mental and physical longevity, and respect them as individuals.  In order to provide my clients with such high caliber horses, my lesson schedule is dictated by rider/horse match up.  To start this process, I ask that potential clients text me (phone calls are hard b/c I work long hours and and need family time as well)  so we can schedule a time to meet in person, where we can discuss my lesson program in person, as well as your goals in horsemanship, and ensure we are a good fit.


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